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Auto Chess War is a strategy game that makes use of the formula from the popular DOTA 2 mod, Auto Chess. It's a game set in a medieval fantasy world that orcs, elves, and other magical creatures call home.

Gameplay in Auto Chess War is not much different from other games like DOTA Underlords or Chess Rush. Basically, you fight against your opponent in 15 rounds where you continually improve your troops. The victor of each round earns coins and equipment to make their troops more and more powerful.

Although combat might seem complicated, you'll get the hang of it after a few rounds. Each round, you get a unit to fight on the battlefield. These units attack automatically, but you can select their initial placement on the board. The key to Auto Chess War is to combine units strategically to create a balanced army and destroy your enemies.

In each round, you can spend coins on new characters, save coins for later, or level up. Your level is important because it determines how many units you have. For example, level 1 has one unit, level 2 has two units, and so on.

Auto Chess War is a super fun strategy game that you can play even offline. There's also an adventure mode that's very similar to Slay the Spire.
Reviewed by Nelson de Benito Translated by Taryn

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Jun 23th, 2020
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